ScoreVision Software & Curriculum

ScoreVision software offers an all-in-one platform for fan engagement. ScoreVison software makes it easy for teams to engage their fans with tools for scoring, video capture, streaming, social media management, and fan engagement – all in one easy-to-use, cloud-based platform backed by top-notch customer support.

ScoreVision Software Helps You Engage Fans With:


  • 10-second video highlights
  • Game videos up to 2 minutes each
  • Live streams in the Fan App and a branded webpage for your team


  • Personalized with your team’s branding
  • Scores, stats and game information
  • Video content including highlights, game footage, and live streams
  • Game schedules, rosters, player profiles and more
  • Announcements and messages to your fans
  • Free for your fans to download on iOS & Android


  • Easily schedule and share announcements, graphics, score updates, and more to your team’s social media accounts with Fan App

ScoreVision Curriculum


Bridge The Gap Between Academics & Athletics

ScoreVision brings together students of any discipline and equips them with real-world skills that will benefit them in their future careers. The ScoreVision system provides unique and meaningful opportunities to unite students across campus and educate them in a variety of subjects ranging from sales and graphic design to broadcasting, video production, and beyond.


ProPresenter Scoreboard is a powerful software-based score presentation built upon Renewed Vision’s robust ProPresenter presentation platform. In addition to the myriad of features that ProPresenter has to offer (which includes moderated social network feed display, ticker feeds, video playback, telestration tools, and broadcast CG capability) ProPresenter Scoreboard offers a host of features for video-based scoreboards and sports broadcasting.

Electronic Scoreboard Software
  • Easy to use interface Designed for volunteers/students
  • Template-Based Layouts Easily change the look of the entire output.
  • Full or Partial Screen Video Playback Dynamically trigger interstitials, such as “Great Play”, etc.
  • Dynamic Advertising Zones Unlimited ad zones with rotating stills, animations, or videos.
  • Ad Tracking Comprehensive reports for ads
  • Device Control Controllable by Industry Standard Scoreboard Controllers, or by the on-screen interface
  • Video Input Capabilities One or more live video feeds can be shown on the scoreboard
  • Remote Control Built-in webserver to control the interface remotely via tablet or laptop
  • Multiple Sports Support Quickly change between control interfaces and output for multiple sports
  • Player Profiles Present formatted XML data and images dynamically
  • Dynamic Statistics Display Display web-based stats dynamically from a variety of services

Player Rosters and Profiles

Keep track of players for both sides and put your team members up on the big screen by showing Player Profiles. You can include a picture and description (name, position, etc.) on a dynamic background and have it graphically styled and laid out in any way desired.

Scoreboard Software

Remote Control

For those sports that require ringside score-keeping, we’ve got you covered with our remote scoring ability viewable on any tablet or phone via a web connection (closed network highly recommended).

Ad Stats & Reporting

Export a comprehensive report on the advertising for any event showing ad impressions and time in front of an audience. Share this with your sponsors so they can see exactly what they’re paying for.