Indoor Scoreboards

Our cutting-edge digital indoor scoreboards are the perfect way to ensure your audience is engaged and connected throughout all your events. Whether it’s a buzzer-beating 3-pointer or the game-winning kill, our scoreboards are an investment that guarantees that palpable excitement at your next basketball or volleyball game.

Our indoor scoreboards give your home court the advantage of incredible display quality and superior sound systems.

Plus, you can customize your single-sided, double-sided, or four-sided display to work for various sporting events and other school programming. We have a team of professionals to assist you in the selection process so choosing the right board for you is as simple as possible.

Industry-leading warranties to ensure your board’s integrity.

Silent, fan-less design for more eco-friendly power consumption.

Support 7 days a week to keep your board working as hard as you do.

Wall of Fame Video Display

From athletes to artists to scholars, your school has hosted them all. Our Wall of Fame options are the perfect way to showcase your alumni’s rich history and stand the test of time. We have a variety of display styles to suit your space, budget, and needs.

Wall of Fame Projects

Wall Mount

Available in seven sizes

Floor Stand

Available in three sizes

Wall Enclosure

Available in four sizes

Tech Support

You expect your sign to work year-round so our technicians and support teams are available 365 days a year, including all holidays and weekends. Get Tech Support Now

Onsite Training

Whether you handle all your own service or want us to manage it for you, we have a package that will fit your needs. Our technicians can train your service personnel during the install of your display, and our Help Desk is also available to answer any questions your team may have after installation.


Our Live Diagnostics Monitoring System continually watches the LED modules, power supplies, data communications, computer health, internet connectivity, and operating temperature- all while providing auto-correction logic and email alert notifications of any concerns or issues.