Indoor Scoreboards and Gym Scoreboards

Are you looking for an indoor scoreboard that will help improve your team’s performance, promote engagement and add energy to the game? Count on Digital Scoreboards for high-quality indoor and gym scoreboards!

Our easy-to-install wall-mounted scoreboards or center-hung scoreboards are designed to elevate any game or event with their sleek design, bright LED lights, 10 mm screen resolution, booming sound system, and custom branding. These indoor scoreboards transform any venue into a big game atmosphere — no matter what sport is being played!

Here at Digital Scoreboard, we’re dedicated to delivering the best possible products so that you can get the most out of every sport or event.

What are Indoor Scoreboards and Gym Scoreboards?

An indoor scoreboard and a gym scoreboard are great ways to display the results of a sporting event in any indoor facility. They are typically mounted on walls or ceilings and paired with our dynamic software packages, and can be programmed to:

  • Show scores
  • Time remaining
  • Player stats
  • Team logos
  • Instant replays
  • Hype videos
  • Sponsorship ad
  • Player highlight
  • And more

Basketball, Volleyball, Aquatics, Lacrosse or any other indoor scoreboard come in various sizes and styles – regardless of the size of your facility. Whatever you’re looking for, Digital scoreboards can find a solution, guaranteed!

Industry-leading warranties to ensure your board’s integrity.

Silent, fan-less design for more eco-friendly power consumption.

Support 7 days a week to keep your board working as hard as you do.

Features of Indoor and Gym Scoreboards to Look For

Certain features are essential when it comes to choosing the right volleyball, aquatics, lacrosse or basketball scoreboard. ​ Let’s take a look at these and why they’re important.

Features at a Glance

  • High Visibility: The primary purpose of a scoreboard is to display the score is t engage the audience during games and events held indoors or outdoors. Therefore, it should be easily visible from all angles without obstruction or glare from lighting. Many modern scoreboards come with LED technology which offers optimal visibility even in direct sunlight.
  • Programmable Functionality: The ability to program the scoreboard with different data types is essential for indoor and gym scoreboards. Many scoreboards come with computer programs that allow you to easily customize what information it displays, allowing you to use them for various sporting events such as basketball, baseball, hockey, and volleyball.
  • Multi-sport Capability: A multi-sport scoreboard lets you switch between different sports quickly and easily. This way, you don’t have to buy separate boards for each sport – one board will do it all! Look for electronic scoreboards compatible with other software programs to switch between various sports quickly.
  • Easy Installation: Finally, a good gym or indoor scoreboard should be relatively easy to install and operate. Look for electronic scoreboards with intuitive controls and interfaces that will make installation and operation a breeze, even for someone unfamiliar with scoreboards.

Why choose Digital Scoreboards?

We understand the importance of reliability when it comes to digital scoreboards. That’s why we only offer premium, long-lasting digital scoreboards built to last.

We don’t sacrifice quality for cost: Our products are designed and tested to be durable in various conditions. Our easy-to-use LED display technology is intuitive enough for anyone, so you can get up and running fast with minimal hassle.

When you choose us for your indoor and gym digital scoreboard needs, you’re getting more than just a product—you’re getting an experienced team of professionals who can provide support before, during, and after the installation process.

Our knowledgeable technicians are always available to answer any questions or concerns. Plus, we offer industry-leading warranties and product support so you can feel assured that your scoreboard will be up and running for years. 

We aim to ensure you have a reliable scoreboard that meets your needs—big or small. Don’t hesitate—to let us help make managing your next indoor or gym digital scoreboard a breeze. 

With us, you can trust that you’re getting top-notch products backed by experienced professionals available at every step. Contact us today to find out how we can provide you with the best scoreboard!

Wall of Fame Video Display

From athletes to artists to scholars, your school has hosted them all. Our Wall of Fame options are the perfect way to showcase your alumni’s rich history and stand the test of time. We have a variety of display styles to suit your space, budget, and needs.

Wall of Fame Projects

Wall Mount

Available in seven sizes

Floor Stand

Available in three sizes

Wall Enclosure

Available in four sizes

Tech Support

You expect your sign to work year-round so our technicians and support teams are available 365 days a year, including all holidays and weekends. Get Tech Support Now

Onsite Training

Whether you handle all your own service or want us to manage it for you, we have a package that will fit your needs. Our technicians can train your service personnel during the install of your display, and our Help Desk is also available to answer any questions your team may have after installation.


Our Live Diagnostics Monitoring System continually watches the LED modules, power supplies, data communications, computer health, internet connectivity, and operating temperature- all while providing auto-correction logic and email alert notifications of any concerns or issues.